CSC eNews Update | 3.24.11

It’s been over two months since our last update and we know that the lack of information has been tough for some people. We are really good about keeping the information flowing on our Facebook page(s), but for those of you not doing the social networking thing, we will work on increasing the frequency of our CSC eNews Updates.

WIFR Rockford 23

So, after more than nine months of committee meetings, lunch meetings, planning sessions, negotiations, conference calls, presentations, votes, and so on – CSC officially has a new home! We hope everyone joins us this Saturday, March 26th, for our first official Safety Day at our brand-new DZ. The forecast is calling for cold weather, so it’s ideal for us to get acclimated to our new surroundings and focus our attention on the most important aspect of our sport – safety.

We will not be jumping this weekend. The PAC is scheduled to depart Texas next Monday for her new home at KRPJ. The Otter will stay in Florida at Skydive Deland for a few more weeks.

Barry Williams is hosting a free Freefall University refresher course starting at 9:00am. We already have over 40 people signed up for this course. If you would like to join in, please email or RSVP here.

We invite everyone to join us at noon in the CSC hangar. We will be offering snacks and kicking off the safety discussions around 1:00pm. Afterwards, we’re heading off to show the City of Rochelle what we’re all about. We’ve reserved space at the Rochelle Country Club for dinner and drinks. The country club is located about a mile north of the DZ on 251.

We have some great speakers lined up to share safety information on everything from aircraft safety to canopy control and gear safety to wingsuit flying.

Woody doing some equipment testing in Florida last month

In addition to safety related discussions, we will be outlining CSC’s construction schedule and how that will affect each of you. It’s going to be a season full of change, but I assure you, it will be worth the wait. Check out our >plans.

Many people are asking about the RV park. We are finalizing the plans and should begin construction as soon as the weather breaks. If you have an RV that you want to bring out, please contact and we’ll sort out a storage slot until the RV park is up and running. Lockers are being brought over this week and will be available by the weekend.

We are in the very early stages of getting our temporary facilities set-up, so please bear with us. The fiber-optic internet and IP phone system is being installed this week. We are hoping to have that up and running by Saturday. What I can tell you about Rochelle is that we are now located in a place where the community values us, there are no gliders hanging out in our airspace, the temporary set-up is twice as big as our old facilities, on-site aircraft “hot fueling”, 1/2 mile off of I-88, the City of Rochelle is just a mile up the road, and no angry airport owners! I’d say we’ve moved up a notch or two!

Is your gear in date? If not, contact The Loft @ CSC and schedule your gear inspection and repack. Are you jumping an Argus AAD? If so, please read this.

For those of you looking to order any canopies from Performance Designs, now’s the time. Price increase hits on 4/4/2011. Order online and choose CSC as your dealer. Financing available.

Speaking of gear, we’ve ordered a ton on new equipment over the off-season. We have substantially increased our student fleet to meet demand and help reduce wait times. We now have one of the largest selections of rigs and certainly the newest. All of our equipment is brand-new Mirage rigs with PD canopies and Vigil AADs. Many of the mid-size rigs will be available for immediate purchase too – a great program to get everyone in gear and jumping as soon as possible.

Woody and I recently went to Reno, NV for the PIA Symposium to promote PROskydiving. We had a great time meeting dropzone owners and managers from all over the world. Additionally, we hired Ward Hessig, formerly of Mirage Systems, as a full-time Relations Manager for PROskydiving, Inc. We have turned a big corner at PROskydiving and glad to have Ward on-board to usher in the next big phase of this endeavor.

Woody with USAF Col. Joe Kittinger


What is PROskydiving?

To learn more about PROskydiving and how it can benefit your dropzone, visit PRO’s YouTube Channel

We would like to pass our condolences along to Larry Baker‘s family. Larry made CSC his birthday destination for the past several years to make his annual skydive. His final jump at CSC was in June of 2010 (seen below jumping with his favorite instructor, Dave Cicciarelli, and friend, Jackie Bange) to celebrate his 99th birthday!

Larry Baker

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