CSC eNews Update | 8.11.11

It’s been six weeks since our last update and we have been running non-stop. After a rough stretch of weather this spring, it has been full-throttle lately. We recently closed the books on the busiest and most profitable July in CSC history! That’s amazing since we’re essentially operating out of a tent. Special thanks to everyone for being so patient during the construction phase. The buildings are being engineered now and will be delivered in October. We are still on-track to have the buildings up before the first snowfall with the interior build out to go on all winter long.

This upcoming weekend is going to be huge at CSC. We are hosting a 16-way RW invitational with Todd Hawkins (of Arizona Airspeed and Perris Fury). Special thanks to CSC’s Brian Darnell for putting in countless hours to put this great event together. For the freeflyers, we have Luis Prunetto here all weekend. Luis joins us from Skydive Sebastian. After jumping with Luis, you’ll see why he has such a loyal following.

Saturday night is going to be great. We have night jumps scheduled as well as a pot-luck dinner, so please bring a dish to pass. We’ll also be hosting our Blue Skies Magazine Dropzone Awards party. Thank you to everyone who voted for CSC! We won three awards in the 2011 poll:

  • Best Aircraft
  • Best Midsize Dropzone (Runner-up to Skydive Dallas)
  • Worst Weather (tie with SDC) has created a new Facebook App offering a “Free Skydive”. Check it out on CSC’s Facebook page and enter to win.

Upcoming events:

8/12 – 8/14 – 2-plane weekend, Freefly Organizing with Luis Prinetto, Todd Hawkins RW invitational
8/13 – Night jumps at CSC, Blue Skies Mag Dropzone Awards Party
8/19 – 8/21 – PRO VFS Team Training
8/27 – 8/30 – CSC Syndicate Team Training

9/2 – 9/4 – Freefly Your Face Off with Melanie Curtis
9/10 – 9/11 -14th Annual Skydiving for MS, Simon Bones organizing, LiquidSky sizing you up for snazzy jumpsuits
9/16 – 9/18 – PRO VFS Team Training
9/17 – 9/20 – CSC Syndicate Team Training
9/29 – 10/2 – Freefall University Tunnel Trip

Last month’s CSC Independence Boogie was one of the most successful events we’ve ever hosted. The weather was picture perfect for the entire 10 days. We are looking forward to making next years event bigger and better. Of course, we can’t forget to say thanks to our friends from SkyVenture Colorado, United Parachute Technologies, Performance Designs, Hypoxic, Vigil, and Mirage Systems for supporting CSC and populating vendor row.

As always, visit the CSC Facebook page for photos, videos, updates, and changes to our event schedule.

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  • Aaron Street – USPA A-License
  • Honorata Chartier – A-License
  • Scott Selbach – 1,000 jumps
  • Matt Faivre – 400 jumps
  • Tim Hunckler: 200 jumps
  • Chase Dowd: 100 jumps

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