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New CSC Blog

Welcome to the new CSC blog. We’re going to be posting content, updates, photos, and general discussion items here on a more regular basis. ¬†With our new site, it makes this process much easier for us.

CSC eNews Update | 9.7.11

That’s right, four updates in four weeks! Labor Day Weekend was great at CSC. Although, it just wouldn’t be a holiday weekend without a weather hold or two! It’s hard to believe we’re into September already. Special thanks to Melanie Curtis for visiting us and showing everyone a great time. Continue reading »

CSC eNews Update | 9.2.11

Three updates in three weeks! Dare we call this the “CSC Weekly Update” again? The truth is, we have so much going on at CSC that we want to make sure everyone is up to date. Continue reading »

CSC eNews Update | 8.11.11

It’s been six weeks since our last update and we have been running non-stop. After a rough stretch of weather this spring, it has been full-throttle lately. We recently closed the books on the busiest and most profitable July in CSC history! That’s amazing since we’re essentially operating out of a tent. Special thanks to everyone for being so patient during the construction phase. The buildings are being engineered now and will be delivered in October. We are still on-track to have the buildings up before the first snowfall with the interior build out to go on all winter long. Continue reading »

CSC eNews Update | 6.30.11

Summer is here and things are cooking at the new CSC. Last week, we moved out of the community hangar and over to our end of the airport. With the nice weather, construction has been progressing nicely. The RV park should have power by the weekend. The temporary office trailers all have power, cold A/C, and fast fiber optic internet service along with wi-fi. It’s been fun to watch everything come together. We are building a world-class skydiving center and we can’t wait to show everyone. Click here to see the latest construction photos. Continue reading »

CSC eNews Update | 5.31.11

The new CSC has come a long way in a short period of time. The driveway and parking lot are completed and we’re digging slots in the RV park. The weather hasn’t been cooperating for skydiving, but the construction crews have been hard at work. With all of this rain, it has slowed up excavating a bit, but the guys at Campton Excavation are doing everything they can to keep things rolling. The power and fiber optic service has been ordered and we hope to see them trenching that in this week. Once that’s in, we will have 30amp service at each RV slot as well as power to our new temp facilities so we can begin moving our operations over to our property. Continue reading »

CSC eNews Update | 4.26.11

We’re not off to the best weather start this season, but it’s given us plenty of time to get settled into our new home. The City of Rochelle continues to welcome us with open arms and we are very excited about our future here. Many of you may have missed the last CSC eNews Update due to some technical problems with our email distribution service. If so, you can check it out here. Speaking of past eNews Updates, did you know that we archive all of them? It’s interesting to go back in time and read about CSC back then. Continue reading »

CSC eNews Update | 3.24.11

It’s been over two months since our last update and we know that the lack of information has been tough for some people. We are really good about keeping the information flowing on our Facebook page(s), but for those of you not doing the social networking thing, we will work on increasing the frequency of our CSC eNews Updates. Continue reading »

CSC eNews Update | 1.21.11

chicago bears

We continue to make progress with regards to our plans, approvals, and everything else that goes into moving CSC to our new location. The one thing that continues to surprise me is the level of cooperation and excitement we’re getting from everyone involved. Needless to say, it is a very different culture than we experienced over the past 10+ years. Continue reading »

CSC eNews Update | 12.17.10

Happy holidays from everyone at CSC. It’s been a busy off-season so far. We’re working hard to make the new DZ a world-class facility while carrying on the tradition of that “small dropzone feeling” that has made so many people feel welcome over our 42 year history. Thanks to everyone who came out on November 13th for one of the best parties we’ve had at CSC in years! Continue reading »